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We use our years of experience and advocacy in Arizona divorce cases to assist clients with contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and complex divorce.


Child Custody + Visitation

We apply our in-depth knowledge of the law, along with forceful advocacy, to help you achieve the best possible results in any number of custody or visitation matters.


Scottsdale Divorce Attorney

Since 1987, Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Karen A. Schoenau has been dedicated to helping people successfully resolve their important and sensitive family law cases. Skilled at navigating and simplifying the complexities of the legal system, Karen Schoenau has the experience and knowledge necessary to help her clients:

  • Devise innovative solutions to their family legal issues.
  • Get through the emotional and psychological impacts related to their cases.
  • Obtain the best possible outcomes to divorce, custody, and other family legal cases.

When you turn to Scottsdale Family Law Attorney Karen A. Schoenau for help, you can trust that she will provide you with:

  • Honest answers and straightforward advice regarding your best options for proceeding.
  • Aggressive legal advocacy in any setting.
  • Responsive service and the highest-quality legal representation.
  • The resources and representation you need to help bring your family legal issues to successful resolutions.

Here is an overview of the specific types of cases that Arizona Family Law Attorney Karen A. Schoenau has a record of skillfully and successfully resolving.


Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Karen A. Schoenau has been dedicated to helping people successfully resolve their family law cases since 1987.

While deciding to end your marriage may be hard, the divorce process can be far more difficult. To ensure that your rights and interests are protected in an Arizona divorce, trust your case to Scottsdale Family Law Attorney Karen A. Schoenau. Here are just a few of the various aspects of divorce that she can help you with:

In addition to her experience overseeing traditional divorce cases, Scottsdale Divorce Lawyer Karen A. Schoenau is skilled at handling non-traditional divorce cases, including those that involve:

Karen was extremely helpful setting up my petition for conciliation. She was very knowledgeable and responsive to my questions and requests. She is trustworthy and diligent. I would recommend her to anyone having marital issues.


Karen was extremely supportive during a very trying time in our lives. She helped me to put things in perspective and think positive when I was overwhelmed.


Karen is highly respected in the legal community. She is effective and thorough. Karen just keeps going regardless of the odds.

Steve C.

Karen’s easygoing manner and her knowledge really helped me with the emotional part of my divorce. I used the team of Karen and Bonita both times I needed to go to court with my ex and had results that were best for my little girl.


Child Custody + Visitation

Child custody and visitation issues can be as complicated and contentious as divorce cases in Arizona. What often compounds the challenges of these cases is the fact that a final court ruling in a divorce may not end custody or visitation disputes.

The good news, however, for people dealing with custody and visitation issues is that Scottsdale Family Law Attorney Karen A. Schoenau is here for them, ready to put her experience, skills, and knowledge to work successfully resolving these cases. In particular, some of the specific types of custody and visitation matters that Karen Schoenau is effective at favorably resolving include:

Third-Party Visitation

For grandparents, stepparents, and others, asserting their third-party visitation rights to a child can be essential to:

  • A child’s future well-being.
  • Maintaining a close, loving relationship with that child.

Because third-party visitation cases often become as complex and heated as other custody cases in Arizona, however, trusting these matters in the hands of experienced Scottsdale Family Law Attorney Karen A. Schoenau can be your key to:

  • Understanding your visitation rights.
  • Effectively asserting these rights.
  • Securing favorable court rulings regarding third-party visitation.

Other Family Law Issues + Cases

In addition to handling divorce, custody, and third-party visitation cases, Scottsdale Family Law Attorney Karen A. Schoenau is also experienced at successfully resolving various other family legal issues, including:

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