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3 Important Facts About Divorce After 50

Divorce can be difficult at any age, but if you are going through a divorce later in life, there may be some specific issues to be aware of. This is because how these issues are dealt with in your divorce can have big impacts on you and your life after divorce. Below, we’ll point out […]

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3 Things That Can Expedite Your Divorce Case

While divorce can be difficult, the process does not always have to be drawn out and/or adversarial. In fact, there may be some things you can do before and during divorce to facilitate the process, obtain favorable outcomes, and get on with your new life sooner. We’ll point out some of these things below. Your […]

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4 Divorce Myths Dispelled

Misconceptions about divorce abound. In fact, the more such myths are perpetuated, the more likely they are to spread misinformation that can color people’s perceptions about – and possibly willingness to pursue – divorce. To dispel some of this misinformation, below, we’ll reveal the facts behind some of the most common divorce myths. When you […]

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Will My Divorce Be Part of Public Record?

It depends on how your divorce is resolved and whether your case involves certain issues. In general, most matters that are resolved in court – including divorce cases – WILL be part of public record. This means that anyone who wants to find out certain information about a specific divorce case usually can do so, […]

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Will It Matter If My Ex Cheated in a Divorce Case?

The short answer is that infidelity usually will not matter in an Arizona divorce case, but it can matter in some situations. We’ll delve into this answer more below. Why Infidelity Does NOT Usually Impact Arizona Divorce Cases The reason that cheating does not typically affect Arizona divorce cases is that Arizona is a “no-fault” […]

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Karen was extremely helpful setting up my petition for conciliation. She was very knowledgeable and responsive to my questions and requests. She is trustworthy and diligent. I would recommend her to anyone having marital issues.


Karen was extremely supportive during a very trying time in our lives. She helped me to put things in perspective and think positive when I was overwhelmed.


Karen is highly respected in the legal community. She is effective and thorough. Karen just keeps going regardless of the odds.

Steve C.

Karen’s easygoing manner and her knowledge really helped me with the emotional part of my divorce. I used the team of Karen and Bonita both times I needed to go to court with my ex and had results that were best for my little girl.