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Establishment of spousal maintenance (also called alimony or spousal support) can be an important part of the outcome of any divorce. Working with a well-qualified Scottsdale divorce attorney is often the best way to make sure that your interests are protected in alimony decisions.

At the Law Office of Karen Schoenau, in Phoenix, AZ, we can help you with your divorce. Our team of experienced family law attorneys is dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best possible results in Arizona alimony matters. We use years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the law to do this.

Arizona Law on Alimony & Spousal MaintenanceSpousal Maintenance Lawyer Scottsdale AZ

Sometimes, the best way to achieve fair alimony results is to come to an agreement between spouses. Our spousal support attorney Karen Schoenau are experienced negotiators who often achieve top-quality results through divorce mediation. However, if you and your spouse are unable to reach agreement independently, the court may award alimony based on a series of factors:

  • Does one spouse lack sufficient property to provide for his or her reasonable needs?
  • Is one spouse unable to be self-sufficient or is the caretaker of a child preventing the spouse from seeking adequate employment?
  • Did one spouse contribute to the educational opportunities of the other spouse?
  • If the marriage lasted a long time, is one spouse of an age that prevents him or her from employment?

Alimony may be temporary or permanent, depending on your specific situation. Depending on the circumstances, it might also be possible to get a spousal support order modified. At the Law Firm of Karen Schoenau, we will evaluate your case and make an assessment according to your best interest.

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